The Benefits:

Dogs who are fearful and scared in new situations - like meeting new people or going places can benefit from activities such as daycare. Having other dogs that are comfortable in the space and can help ease their anxiety. Socialization promotes good behaviors and grows confidence in dogs. Daycare is great for dogs with the personality for it - friendly with other dogs and people and can read other dogs' ques. 


Starting puppies on their socialization journey is important for them to learn how to listen to others and make friends! Daycare is an awesome opportunity for young pups to get their energy out while learning important skills! Dogs who spend time playing, socializing, and interacting with other pups and people live to have better lives. Dog daycare promotes the mantra "a tired dog is a good dog" promoting safe exercise. 


Daycare at The Dog Spaw and Poochie's Playhouse is a safe, clean, and fun environment with indoor and outdoor play areas for a group of eight dogs. Having a smaller group in our daycare is important to us, we can focus on every pup making sure they are safe and healthy! The activities in daycare change! specialty toys are interchanged for holidays, pools are brought out on hot days, and more! Our daycare program also offers nap time giving the dogs time to rest and recharge for more fun and play! They rest in our boarding facilities with comfortable blankets, bedding, and lots of water. 


ONE DAY - $25.00 per dog

10 DAY DAYCARE PUNCH CARD - $215.00 (punch card must be present)